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Wrenched Out Experiment

Business Block

Business Block

The Business Block is our give back to the communityand openly discuss our path as we move forward with our business. We really enjoy sharing and discussing business as a whole. We also enjoy having the conversations and meeting with other business owners. Collaborations with other business's is another item we are growing in 2017.

If you are interested in getting together and participating in an episode of the business block please contact us. Also this is not only limited to Alaska, we can always conduct a Internet video meeting as well. 

Welcome to the Wrenched Out Experiment Business Block Playlist. This video and many more to come, will be jam packed with information on how to start your own business and tricks and tips that may help your current business. You will also join us as we build our business as well.

This is a new playlist where we are openly discussing our business and yours. We are here to share what we are doing and hopefully discuss what some of you are doing. Are you a new business? A startup? A small business that's been around and needs help?

Business Block : What Business are you looking to start and why? What reasons are you starting a business? Ask Questions! Think through the what and whys of your situation. Also is this a passion, interest, hobby or a career? Why are you starting a business.