WOE est.2016
Wrenched Out Experiment


What We Do

The Wrenched Out Experiment

The Wrenched Out Experiment also AKA  WOE est.2016 was started in mid June of 2016. We have past experience in creating digital media, video production and business consulting for private companies in multiple genres.  We thrive to drive innovations and ideas throughout in your business.

Our Mission

Creation and innovations guide our dreams and future. Independent and collaborated views are supported and reviewed at all levels. Work quality is our priority, along with providing our views to create a unique experience for all customers. Video production, digital media and business consulting is what we live for no matter the size of company or project.

We are here to build a community, to build your future along with ours, together we will create.
— Anthonie Martini, Founder WOE est.2016

What We CAn do for you

  • Create and build your social media content catering to current and future customers. We will set you and your business up for success in the new Social Media world, to increase your brand and products reach.
  • Video content created for your business such as training, online content, sales, special's, advertising and much more.
  • Business Consulting- Full business process flow review on multiple levels to aid in identifying both opportunities and costly defects.
  • Business model reviews to better understand high and low level defects on all levels. We review all of your process's from start to finish.
  • Identify Value/no value add process, people and items within your business helping your company reduce waste ($).
  • Full business evaluations with options from growth, cost savings, and overall business efficiencies.

We offer a full line of services and provide honest feedback before we start the work. We are here to support you and your business regardless of your needs.

Customer Service is our number one priority, every time without question.

Contact us Via Email: Admin@wrenchedoutexperiment.com

Also feel free to contact us on any of the our Social Media sites, click the links below.